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Turkey Overview

The Central Anatolian region is located about 220km east of the Turkish capital Ankara. Ankara is the country’s second largest city and home to more than 4 million people.

Turkey Overview

A major attraction of Turkey is that it offers a single regulatory regime which is supportive of nuclear energy. The country is currently in the first phase of constructing four light water nuclear reactors with the goal of supplying 20% of the nation’s electricity through nuclear power generation by 2030. Currently, more than two-thirds of Turkey’s energy is generated from imported oil and gas.

The project area covers over 18,000ha across 9 licences and enjoys year-round accessibility via sealed roads and a number of unsealed local tracks. Sparsely populated, but with access to major infrastructure such as water and power, the area is gently undulating. The majority of the project area is owned by local families who work the land for grain production.

Mineralisation was discovered in the Anatolia region by the Turkish Government’s General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) during the 1980s. Over the next ten years a range of studies were undertaken including:

  • a program of diamond and rotary drilling;
  • gamma and electrical logging;
  • topographical and geological mapping;
  • chemical and petrographic sampling; and
  • leach test work of selected material.