Uranium Resources, Inc.

Community - Turkey

Adur Madencilik Ltd Sti (Adur) employs Mr Sabri Duransoy as a full time Community Relations Officer. His responsibilities range from liaison with senior Government officials both in Ankara and in the regional cities of Yozgat and Sorgun, to meeting on a regular basis with the local village communities of Mehmetbeyli, Akoluk and Temrezli.

Community Turkey

Adur supports a number of self-development initiatives by supplying equipment and machinery for community projects ranging from track and road maintenance to the supply of water to communal drinking fountains.

In addition Mr Duransoy has specific responsibility for;

  • establishing and maintaining the JV’s open and supportive relationships with the local people in those provinces and areas where exploration licences are held and field exploration activities are under way;
  • development of communication strategies and production of media releases in and communication with local community leaders and regulatory bodies; and
  • liaison and communications with local and international media.